Books (Prices in Candian Dollars)

Sod Shacks and Wagon Tracks $34.95- Specified history of the following areas: Antler Hill, Big Bend, Hola, Niobe, Pine Hill, Ridgewood, Tindastoll, Westholm. This book contains personal family histories. ( on hand)
History of Knee Hill Valley - This is a detailed and lengthy book about the Knee Hill Valley area. This amazing book was released in 2011. $100.00
Innisfail, 75 Years a Town - Memories and facts from local citizens, this book is useful for finding odd bits of information and maps. It is also useful in finding specific businesses and where they were located. $7.50
So This is Chain Lakes by Mary Ellen (Smeltzer) Williams - Mary blends humor, humility and bits of her heritage in this collection of tales. A life during the war years and after. At growing up in a male oriented society and the frustration of her free spirit trying to find wings.$16.00
1887-1924 Useful Household Hints / Great Grandma's Health Suggestions from the late 1800's / Rules of Etiquette 1800's / 1885-1920 Pioneer Pantry Each of these little books holds a wealth of information from the 1800's way of life. There are 20 pages/book that are chock full of recipes, remedies, and tips. $5.00/book
West of the Blindman Observations of a 1/2 century by Fred Schutz by William Baergen & David C. Jones - Captures the settlement of the Blindman River Valley, the coming of the railway, and the growth of Rimbey, Hoadley and Bluffton, Alberta. The stories help us appreciate and understand the historical events and way of life. $24.95

The Following Titles are Only Available for Research. They are no longer in print.

Grub-Axe to Grain... A personal family history book for the areas of: Craig, Disckson, Happy Hill, Heckla, Hola, Markerville, New Hill, North raven, Raven, Red Raven, Rich Hill, and Spruce View.

Pioneer Legacy: Bowden and District - This book was published in 1979 and contains an amazing amount of facts about the town of Bowden. Some areas covered are: communities, social oraganizations, governments, schools, churches, transportation, parks, business profiles, fires, and special days.

Candlelight Years - Published in 1973, the Village only owns two original copies of this book. It contains various family histories and basic facts about the town. This book may be useful for finding: Innisfail's early history, pictures of the town, early churches, military roll of honour from both world wars, and personalized family histories.

The Old House - This book contains a history of the Spruces, the only original stopping house between Calgary and Edmonton.